About ASB

It all started when I was a teenager. At that time, for girls and women who needed a lot of support, there were no great sports bras to help us.  We were on our own. 

It seemed to me then, and still does today, that if I had to spend time thinking about my bra, it took away from my focus and from the fun of playing and competing. Movement and sports empower women, but we need the tools to help us play with freedom, so that we can master whatever it is we are doing.

In college, I was an athlete.  At the time,  I still couldn’t find a sports bra that worked. Frustrated, I decided to make one myself by sewing two bras together. I    worked on the prototype until I finally came up with a bra that satisfied all of my needs...the first American Sports Bra!

I wore that bra for years and found myself spending a lot of free time working to improve it. I made the bra for friends and family and seeing how much they all liked it, I decided to go a step further. I applied for a patent and was fortunate enough to get it. (A second patent on a similar design would follow a few years later.) American Sports Bra was well underway and I would soon be able to offer the bra to women everywhere.
I was fortunate that our bras found their way into the hands of a great surgeon, Dr. Andrew Salzberg.  He found that our bras were the best post surgical bras on the market. The inner bra's ability to supply shaping and the outer bra's gentle compression were the right combination.  Our Post Surgical Bra is now helping women as they heal, and get back to full activity after surgery. 

All of our bras have gotten better and better every year because we continuously listen to feedback from our customers. So, please email us on our contact page with any suggestions you have. 

I am grateful to all the women who have expressed their love of American Sports Bra's products.
I hope that wearing any of our bras helps you head out into the world, thinking about your goals and dreams, and not your bra. 

Very Sincerely,

Hilary Lambert, Founder of American Sports Bra Inc.