Nikky  - Weight Loss
“This sports bra has helped me along my journey of being healthier and losing weight.”
I lost 14 pounds easily thanks to the bra! Thank you SO much. When I tried the sports bra for the first time, I was thinking that it is genius! I worked out so easily, I was able to fully concentrate on working out for the 1st time ever! Plus my sister is interested in getting one and so is my best friend.

Bari  - Healing
“I don’t know how to express my thanks to you for having invented such a wonderful garment.”
I recently underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy having being diagnosed as Braca 1 positive. I thought ... ”Piece of cake...I am healthy and in great shape ... I will breeze through this “... well, after 5 subsequent surgeries in which healing was an issue, due to my previous breast cancer and radiation (22 years prior) to reconstruct my breasts ... I accepted the fact that my breasts were the best that they could be..at least I had “breasts”... and even after smart lipo had to live with the additional fat and fluid deposit under my arm ... SURPRISE!!!! Dr. Thompson introduced me to your bra ... and within two weeks, my breasts are now SYMMETRICAL !!!! and the fluid under my arm is dissipating....I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see such progress in such a short time ... I wear the bra 24/7... and even dyed the white one beige to wear under whites ... I wear it for tennis, gardening and biking ... 24/7 and sleep as well ... I am looking forward to the day when I can go “bra-less” again ... but will a ways revert to your garment for tennis and whenever support is needed ... You are truly genius ... thank-you again. 

Robin  - Reconstructed Breasts
“I am genuinely grateful for the thought, design and quality that these bras are made with.”
I am genuinely grateful for the thought, design and quality that these bras are made with. For the last 6 weeks they’ve become an extension of me and I know my reconstructed breasts are being shaped and compressed properly. I plan to continue to wear these bras for the next year to continue to shape and protect my “new breasts.

Erica Lee, Managing Director of TORQ 4 Sports  - High-Impact Sports
“Your bras make me feel powerful.”
I wear my bra for both high-impact sports, such as barefoot running, and low-impact activity like yoga and golf – the bra works superbly for either type of activity. With the proper fit, I’ve found the bra helps my postural alignment, and I can’t help but want to stand up straight! I know that each time I wear my American Sports Bra, it’s great fit helps protect my breasts from irritation. My confidence is never low when I wear my American Sports Bra, because I’m comfortable and supported all day long. Because my work puts me in contact with active people, it’s amazing to hear how many women experience frustration at ill-fitting bras, and how many large-breasted women want a sports bra that fits well, so they can exercise with ease – American Sports Bra does just that, and I can’t say enough good things about this product. It will change your exercise routine, how you feel about yourself, and most importantly, provide wonderful support. With thanks and gratitude.

Heidi  - Nightime Comfort
“I wore the bra last night. I love it. It’s my favorite bra.”

Michelle  - An Everday Bra
“I absolutely love this bra, so much that it has replaced my regular bras!” 
As a double D, it’s hard finding a regular bra, let alone a sports bra. As a regular runner and golf player, through out the years, I have purchased sports bras from every name brand imaginable hoping that their latest “technology” would finally be the “one” to keep my chest up high and tight. Aside from worrying that my chest will be down to my knees as I getolder and more active, it is also my priority to find something that would keep my girls together so the nasty (old) men wont stare at me while exercising/playing! This bra has done that exactly. I can run and play as much as I want without worrying about my chest bouncing all over the place. With this bra I don’t have to worry about it riding up and unhooking (as has been my experience with so many other sports bras) because it stays in place! The bra is also really good in absorbing sweat, so I don’t have to worry about boob sweat or chest outbreaks. Trust me, once you try this bra on you will find yourself ordering two of each in every color!

Eileen  - No Mono Boob
“This bra is the best sports bra for the well-endowed athletic woman. ”
It’s completely comfortable, gives perfect and strong support, looks great under a shirt (no mono-boob!), and is super stylish. I wear it for everything from running to yoga. 

Carol  - Exercise
“Hello! Love the concept and it’s great for running and working out. Great work!”

Mary – First Time
"I tried the American sports bra for the first time the other day, I went for a run in the hills and it was perfect, my boobs didnt move an inch!”
Even my trainer was so grateful for it! Lol, i feel so much more comfortable in my boot camp classes now, knowing that nothing is bouncing around or squeezing out the top of my shirt! thanks!"