Calling All Women! Let's Help Each Other

   This past summer, American Sports Bra, along with other partners, sponsored a fabulous running event called The Diva Dash in Provincetown, MA.  The goal? To raise money to support breast cancer research and to help bring healthcare to the women of Provincetown.  Often, if healthcare is too far away, women opt out of essential checks like mammograms and visits to the doctor.  So, Provincetown Cares is helping bring that care to the women of P-town.  Here's a poster from the run:

   The event was part of a larger effort called Provincetown Cares - a weekend of theater and events that raise money for these causes.  What an example of women helping women. PC was started by one women with an idea, Lynn D'Angona.  When I saw what she had set out to do, I was inspired. I called her up and we decided to create this running event. She did all of the footwork.  She had the vision and she made it happen. We just wanted to support her. That is such an awesome example of what  we can do as women to help each other.


   One place that the money raised from this event goes is to The Army of Women Foundation started by Dr. Susan Love and Avon.  Here is a quotation from Dr. Susan Love on why she started this organization:


Over and over I’ve heard scientists lament how difficult it is for them to find the volunteers they need for research studies. I’ve long believed that helping scientists overcome this obstacle would accelerate our understanding of what causes breast cancer and how to end it. By responding to this need, the Army of Women will change the face of breast cancer research.”

Susan Love, MD, MBA
Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation


We want to take our hats off to all women who reach out and help other women (and people).  Life is too short not too.